1. Making Caedon laugh is the best part of my day and seeing Hannah make Caedon laugh makes me swoon. It doesn't take much right now. Simply make a plastic frog leap across the kitchen or tickle his cheeks. (Or as Hannah calls it "cheekies")

2. You should never move concrete blocks by yourself with two kids and in flip flops. Trust me—your toes will thank you later (and you won’t spend 5 days in a boot and 2 weeks wearing the only pair of shoes that will fit over your toes without excruciating pain.)

3. There is a lot of brokenness in the world. Sometimes it's really easy to get bogged down in how crazy-sad life can be. But Jesus promised us eternal joy. We can look froward to a day when there will be no more tears. I struggle with thinking further than today, but I am so much better when I remember there is more. There is hope. We just have to dwell in it. (So much easier said than done and is something I constantly need reminded of.)

weaving sneak peek

4. I love to weave. It's totally trendy and everyone's doing it know, but it relaxes me. It's creative and energizing and just gives me a sense of peace. I'm on my second piece and still experimenting with it, but am having so much fun.

5. I don't have to decide school for the kids today. I don't have to decide how their entire schooling will look right now. I just have to decide for next year. And even then if it isn't working I can change it. I don't need to panic about it. 

6. Over scheduling myself makes me stressed and quick tempered. I know better. Next month I will plan things out better or at least not schedule multiple things for one night. 

7. Growing up, Lent, was about giving up something. Sacrificing to become a better person. It's been years since I have practiced Lent (once you stop attending a traditional church, no one mentions it again.) But this year I found 40 acts from British non-profit Stewardship and have been loving the daily encouragement to “do lent generously." To stop focusing on ourselves and actually show love to others.  So far, my favorites have been “devise a surprise" "thank you, thank you, thank you" and "hold it lightly". Just search #40acts to see it all. 

Plus I’ve decided to start a new project. I love the idea of documenting how we change and what shape the year takes. I’ve decided to do a monthly painting. I’ll use one canvas for the entire year and continually paint it to document the year and the layers upon layers of learning that will happen. 

Here is February’s painting. It encompasses a lot of what I’ve learned.

2-15 painting