Hello. I’m Lindsay—Wife, Homeschool Mama, Designer, Artist, Teacher, and More.

I am trained in visual communication design (degree from The Ohio State University—Go Bucks!) and have worked in the design field for more than a decade. I love design and the impact it can have on someone personally and the change it can create in the world. I cannot resist getting caught up in the hopeful dreams of an entrepreneur, the excited bright eyes of the newly engaged, the passion of a non-profit start-up—all of which fuel my creative passion.

One of my other passions is weaving. I received a loom as a Christmas present and quickly became obsessed. Weaving has brought peace and creativity to my chaotic and full life. Finding time to weave has kept me sane and offered me space to think and process. I love to share the process and beauty of weaving with everyone who will listen and desires to learn.

I live in El Paso Texas. From my back yard you can see the sunsets over New Mexico and the mountains in Mexico, truly one of the most unique locals in the world. We have a crazy full house—my husband and two children, my grandmother and mom, and my twin and little brother! We all came together to care for and support my grandmother with Alzheimers. We share the mundane, sad, and joyful and have spent the last three years learning to live together! Our life is a full and chaotic and beautiful. While it’s never easy, it is perfectly messy and I wouldn’t change it for the world right now.

This business started as a way to share hope, love, design, and art with my little world. To use the talent and passions I have been blessed with to bless and encourage others. To document life—the valley’s, the peak’s, and everything in between.